Games & Theory


Normally called Gametheory, since I was introduced into it by someone who called in Games & Theory. I stuck with that term, what does it matter anyway eh. In any case its very much like with the theories on history I published on this site, its simply my look on things on how I all happened and works, it's obviously not set in stone, more like it could be like that or might happen like that, filtering objects is very much done under the same mindset, I understand how light works simply because I have knowledge of how light interacts with color etc, color science btw, not that hard, standard stuff in any Art/Art History classes.


Being a Veteran as well as a nice combination of Celtic & Native American Ancestoral Genetic Heritage, my warriors heart is just what it is... restless. I do not write down anything unless it has to go to "paper", meaning I keep it all in my head until I see the points connecting, forming a possible outcome (like the other theories on this site are all written from memory also the reason that took me a year to complete etc), that's all, if that means madness, well, so be it. During my almost 3 year journey into the alternative I've reached out here and there, simply to find likeminded People and to root out the deceptive ones, very hard to find People whom are responsive, 99% of the alternative researchers and truthers are not interested in combining resources, probably because they fear others or have their income setup in a way that the so called truth has become a means to an end, namely feeding their Families, not a problem, to each his own. Exactly the reason I've decided not to monetize anything I share, I like to remain independent, being able to share my madness with the World without being told what insanity to share and which ones I cannot. Not interested in becoming some internet Guru (celeb, lol)  either, view count does not interest me. That being said, I did start a Forum and this site to see if like minded People are interested in combining resources of the mind.


In any case, have at it and enjoy...


-- the Mad Scientist --