Journey of the Ancestors


This one has been on my mind for a couple of days now, I guess for over a little week as of today, the 20th Jan '18.

I don't think it's going to be very long in total, first let me explain a little more before diving into this the coming time, obviously it has already materialized inside my brain, trigger time though, well not here yet.


Native Americans speak about Turtle Island, some emerged from there after the great Flood to re-populate parts of our great Planet. They tell you it is North America, I don't think so, not that I call them liars, it's just that their origin seems sacret to them and the "white man" hasn't been very trustworthy when it comes to their heritage, I understand, it's time however to reunite the thought of Brotherhood amongst our understanding and more importantly to make one understand our connectivity on a larger level between the "white" and "red" race, not going into the other races here on Earth, simply because it's not part of this writing since they emerged from other parts at the time.


In this writing I will concentrate more on the journeys made into the unknown going West, if Chili is East. It'll dig into the "red haired" (flat headed) race and the journey towards what is now Europe. It'll explain why they were found all over the Pacific at some times, stretching out to China, Europe and again North Amercia, the latter part being where that knowledge had been long lost already. I am European, yet my hair is that of Rapa Nui, it changes color in the Sun, reddish glow, yet when wet, it becomes bloodred (glow) when the Sun shines on it.


If I had to guess though, probably Commanche heritage, since I am always at war with most People, lol. Ok, that's obviously a joke, but still, it does tell you something about my creature, I do not like to take shit from no-one, especially the deceiving kind.


How did they spread, well, that's easy, but not yet for this medium to tell you.

Obviously none of my theories are set in stone, yet, the mind works how it works...



-- the Mad Scientist --




Image: to be announced.