Object Filtering.
gallery/blueprint example 2background msa02

The documentary Shadows in the Dark got me interested in this, 1967sander being the inspirator. My approach concerning the filtering is outside the box. I love looking at all kinds of things, even when everybody else tells me it's a dead end.

If you would like to listen to a cool Aria while on the read, click here.


gallery/comp 49997.77867.15 fpf msa01

You will start noticing the organized way these anomalies appear and in most cases seem to point to device (probably big-->small)  busying vibrational/frequencial tech stuff.

Not only that, I do not give a toss about reputation, I am looking for answers, not reputation. In my humble opinion reputation is the last thing a researcher should Worry about. Science is all about the expanding of borders (making mistakes in the process), these days there are few real ones left, most are just smart parrots who can actually do nothing without them being told. Worse even is the fact that still they have the audacity to go out there putting lies in Peoples minds, while they know that what they are saying is not true, they choose Reputation and Money instead, not caring about the consequences. At the same time they're put on dead end science with small outliers which look like advancements but are not, it's just noise on the line. The way the Science community is being conducted should tell you something about the Human state as well btw.

I can't see Global Warming for instance being Human induced imho there is only the heating up of the cores and the Sun, hence the chemtrails, blocking shit from the sun, but hey, this is a filter chapter, so the Sun.

I'll start and finish there today.





Shaggie, sungazer and fellow Compadre sends me these pictures from time to time, I always look and I find stuff. Now, as mentioned in the opening (Picture) you have to start understanding these filters as they were blueprints/floorplans.

​In any case, let's start with an image sent to me by the Shagster.

gallery/comp 49997.77867.19 hvs msa01

Direct link to image here.

Voer hier je tekst in

gallery/comp 49997.77867.20 sa msa01

It's actually like the Shagster noticed in one of our Forum talks, it's like peeling away layer by layer, like an MRI. You will come to see these are not pixel anomalies, they are too complicated, too organized and they relate to shit on Earth. In some occasions even confirming what you think you're looking at, too many so called coincidences.

So, let's continue.

Image credit: Helioviewer.org.  Link to Image here.


gallery/comp 49997.77867.22 sc msa01

Obviously image 4 is not entirely picked apart yet, still, there is something there as you can see and guess what, it's not paredolia, lol.

When you concentrate on the middle segment, especially the right part with the two rectangular types showing up one would expect some sort of tube there right, I mean, would be logical. Well it is and it is.


gallery/comp 49997.77867.25 st msa01as1

Now, let's see that object on the low in that image, looks interesting, hell, I've filtered a good few of them all over the place, yes, Sol is the place to be People, lol. Now remember the way these appear (blue print style) and that we can "MRI" the feck out of 'm.


gallery/sun docked sig i
gallery/sun docked sig ii
gallery/sun docked sig iii
gallery/sun sig docked comp

Some other random finds from this area, keep in mind second image from top.

The first image is not so much about the clearity of the image, it's more about finding uniformity and to see how certain outlines present themselves, see if this was generated by the software, it must be one hell of a smart cookie. Even the structures inside the Anomalies have step pyramid (or Hindu/Buddhist/etc structure) tendencies. Notice the 4 entrances/exits and how they are N/E/S/W if they were built on Earth that is. Furthermore, notice the layer built up etc.


gallery/temple like structure

Image below is just to show you how these things are setup sometimes.


gallery/int design

The short sequence below is to show Ye the complexity of these images, especially the last one in this sequence of three.


gallery/energy structure i
gallery/energy structure ii

Image below is full of uniformity (like double sided in Archaeology), it clearly show process, right there right now.

gallery/energy structure iii

There are so many examples I can throw this way, well, one last example, from a different image

gallery/temple like structure iii
gallery/double temple like structure
gallery/energyvibration structure i
gallery/energyvibration structure ii

Those Temples on Earth, not Temples when they started out.Furthermore, Niburu, Planet X, Wormwood, whatever, who cares. They are already here, all around us in the Heavens, the Collaboration between us in the Old World embedded in our current one. The one thing I am absolutely sure of is that these beings, on our side or not, are extremely well organized

gallery/ms&kos sphere

Still from sighting filmed in Holland at August 6 2016 by Kosmo74 & the Mad Scientist. Click here for Vid.

Click here to listen to Suo Gan.

I've seen these things do some pretty amazing things. They start to show up just after sundown for about 90-120 minutes and vary from 3-12 good sightings a night. Seeing them with unsuspecting witnesses, gold, truly. When they are high up in the sky, they look like flying suns/stars (white glow), when they come down the color changes into a golden glow. I have not been able to capture it on camera like that, it's either (flat) white or like the still above, one can still see the orange kinda color in the middle, but that's it. Perhaps it has to do with the kind of propulsion they choose to use when lower, I do not know, could simply be how our eyes perceive color. In any case.

They emerge in returning patterns.

Fly very low and slow. Make a maneuver or speed up and are gone.
Fly fairly low and maneuver, light up and take any of the three directions going fwd and vanish.
Emerge in the Sky as a bright star, and vanish.
Fly fairly low, vanish, reappear, vanish, reappear, vanish, reappear, vanish. In a decent straight line.

These sequences take about 2-3 months and then it starts all over again in the same order.

I have developed my own detection method when looking at a still. When you filter these, you start noticing certain imagery patterns like these perfect rings right around the center, also notice the cross.

gallery/sphere stabilized plasma rings + cross

Filtered Sphere October 18 2016 Holland.

Now, since I don't believe in coincidences, I looked for a logical explanation.


While doing that I also unavoidably created my own criteria standards. No need for all that taking in trees in the image etc, no need.

Many of you will probably dismiss them as simply rings of light (from a lamp or so) and so on.

gallery/lamp non stab plsm vs sphere stab plsm

Now, the lamp is a Sodium Vapor Lamp.

* A sodium-vapor lamp is a gas-discharge lamp that uses sodium in an excited state to produce light.*


* As the temperature rises, the constant current and increasing voltage consumes increasing energy until the operating level of power is reached. For a given voltage, there are generally three modes of operation:

    The lamp is extinguished and no current flows.

The lamp is operating with liquid amalgam in the tube (non Stabilized Plasma).
    The lamp is operating with all amalgam evaporated.




What causes these perfect rings around the Sphere?


gallery/stabilized plasma ring

A cross-section of the virtual plasma showing where the magnetic field lines intersect the plane. The central section has field lines that rotate exactly once. Image Credit: Stephen Jardin, PPPL.

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Stabilization of Plasma. Plain and simple.

gallery/duo stab