How the West Was Won


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Worst case Scenario thinking is one of my favorite things to do when going into G&T. Now, I am not saying this will come to pass at 100% certainty, it's not really the point, the point of this small endeavor is basically to look ahead of time in order to prepare oneself, therefore the collective, for the worst possible outcome, resulting in well... a little preparedness.


Posted on my Forum around a week ago now published here, this stuff is draining see.


In the following Scenario I have looked at the possibility of what could happen if the US/Nato decides to attack North Korea.
Keeping in mind the various players which are left opposing the US and its Allies have made various moves the past couple of years as a result of US policy the past 15 years or so. Most of it seems unrelated, I don't think it could be so. Furthermore, I've left out Nuclear option and a fair amount of details, it's actually fairly basic, for example the Hawaii option is pretty futuristic (or is it?).

The chess-board is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us.

Thomas Huxley.


We all know that Arrogance comes before the Fall, in this Scenario I will be thinking for Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, certain Middle Eastern countries, Turkey, Pakistan and some African Nations.

I will exclude Brazil (broke), South Africa (ANC has roots in Communism) and Indonesia (neutral) and other various Countries like Bulgaria (it makes no difference).


I expect the Pact (as I call the Nations I will represent in this Scenario) to not wait until they are either next or Americanized as they at least clearly foresee themselves and definitively fear.

How the West Was Won.


For this to happen the US will have to attack North Korea.


Legitimacy for this attack have been prepared due to talks with China, Russia etc. The entire Political negotiation scheme which was held at the end of last year (about) went a little to fast and to easy for my taste, besides the fact that China is not likely to comply with the agreements made concerning economic blockades concerning NK as presented in the article below. First a little intro into certain "events" standing out concerning North Korea.


(full article click on colored sentences)


Chinese ships spotted by satellites 'selling oil to North Korea' 30 times since October, despite sanctions.


Now, the above is what a newspaper got their hands on, think about what we simply cannot know but only assume is going on.


Troop movements we know about:


Russian troops are dispatched to the border of North Korea and China just days after Putin warned a war on the peninsula would be 'catastrophic'


Russia Military Blasts Targets Near U.S. Troops, North Korea and China


Chinese forces rushed to North Korea border as soldiers urged ‘be ready for WAR

Ok, one has to consider the source in the above article, yet, reports are indicating this way before last week.


China 'moves 150,000 troops and medical supplies to North Korean border


A lot of troops for a fairly small neighboring conflict, remember, these are forces we Know about.


And then there is this:


China building network of refugee camps along border with North Korea


In any case a smart move by the Chinese, simply because People will eventually move towards either China or Russia in order to seek safety.


In addition:















One can see that the pact has been preparing for war in this part of the World, now, what would North Korea do, or even better, what have they been preparing for?


North Korea's 50 Missing Submarines Have Apparently Reappeared Following Truce


Now, let's look at some other headlines:


Kim Jong-un SECRET WEAPON: North Korea's hidden SUBMARINE threat amid nuclear attack plan


US detects 'highly unusual' North Korean submarine activity


Underwater warfare? North Korea’s MYSTERY submarine activity after missile launches


What does the above mean? It simply means that the N-Koreans are placing their subs on tactical locations, see them as areas of operation (Ops), so when we look at the map of the World, we notice something interesting... (see Argentinian missing Sub theory)


If you want to have "Kamikaze" units you also have to make sure you hit your enemies from various positions in order to ensure mass destruction and as a result confuse your Foe... But more importantly, decrease Morale of enemy troops fighting on your turf to drop exponentially.


Possible Tactical Atlantic Conflict Map.

































Obviously the red Subs are NK subs placed in no particular order, remember, these subs are never detected as shown in the articles preceding these two maps (one below as well).


Now, I would cut cables on the bottom of the Atlantic, this is not to hard to do since detonations on specific parts of the area will be enough to do the trick. I am not sure if the Nk's have the tech to create a Mother sub (Carrier sub) in order to deploy either drones or smaller subs with only one goal, destruction, also remember that these People are highly trained and not afraid to die, hence the Japanese Kamikaze remark. In conjunction with this I will fire all kinds of shit (I have on board) on the Eastern US & Canadian Coast. Once this has been done I will have the Wolf Packs engage any enemy navy in sight (Maritime & Military), remember, it does not matter if they return home, I will not expect home to be there anyway.

In relation to these attacks I will also try to disrupt the Atmosphere in order to make it difficult to sent and receive messages from Allies and to confuse rockets etc. See, all these money grabbing companies have been setting up hubs with my Ally China, simply letting me see how their tech is composed. My Ally might even have implemented shit inside chips etc.


I will do the exact same at the other side of the Continent (at the same time).




































I will not bother myself with Alaska in general, but I would need to sink Hawaii (not literally), seismic detonations will do (to create Tsunamis & Chaos). Fukushima could have been a test run, I mean it truly had it all including the effect on a Nuclear plant. Obviously I could also use this on Stateside and other areas that need confusion since my Allies will have this tech too. Again, "objects" placed in no particular order.




















Keep in mind that California has been subject to major disasters the past Months or so, they expect all kinds of fallout (mud slides etc) to come from this, so Cali is already a little immobilized. Btw, remember these Phantom rockets of the West Coast?


Anyway, I will now have disrupted my enemies country, disrupted, not destroyed, but what I have destroyed is the backbone of the Average Joe fighting in my Country, namely due to two words, Family & Uncertainty


I cannot win, but I have really and truly fucked over my enemy, preparations have been going on for a long, long while, keeping your eyes on rocket and nuclear development in my own country at the same time outsmarting you in Guerilla and tactical preparation on Sea...


Full Attack.


Now the rest of the trap (all has to happen at the same time for obvious reasons), since this (entire) Scenario is based on trapping the US and Allies in order to get rid of the bullying and broken promises by NATO concerning expansion as well as the info Snowden provided me on how to break down Russia. In any case, one could see NK Scenario as stand alone since it's not inherent to other Nations of the Pact joining, in case they do, well...


I will now include Venezuela.


A fine area to supply my Subs waiting to attack in the Atlantic region. At the same time I will have had secret talks with various Communist resistance groups the past years around my Country, even the ones (for example Farc) who seemingly have laid down weapons. They will need to occupy/keep busy the troops from neighboring Countries not Neutral. I also do not expect Brazil to join any war simply because they are broke and revolts would break out inside their territories, even if they would join, I will blitz to a all out control North of my territory in order to claim control of my coast and have tactical supremacy.


Current Affair:

Venezuela Blocks Dutch Carib.


This "thing" between the Dutch and the Venezuelans has been going on for some time now, kinda like Arentinia and the Falklands. This Blockade is also a perfect opportunity to have covert troops entering the Islands under the flag of smugglers. The Dutch have some Navy and 500 troops there, hardly enough to withstand a full invasion supported by 5th Column covert ops. In any case, smuggling is one of those things which has been happening for centuries, so why suddenly now block this area? Ok, could be coincidence, wouldn't be fun to let it out of the mindset though. I also wouldn't rule out that NK subs are being "refitted" with supplies.

























Perhaps in the meantime I have also allied Suriname to my cause due to territorial claims on both Guyanas (one being French), speculation though and not important to the scenario.


I do not bother with Mexico since the are fully swarmed by refugees from the US. Neither do I bother with the Upper Carib, devastated by weather anomalies their infrastructure is still recovering and Puerto Rico feels backstabbed by the absence of help from the US, feeling like they are second hand citizens, which in principle they are (not being a State).


I now control supply lines and have tactical advantage in the area between Sam & Wafr, since the Chinese have bases in Western Africa (ooh yes they do).


I will now Include Russia.





















I will strike Alaska & Canada, blitz my Navy to half encircle the US & Allied Navies in NK at the same time taking out the few Naval forces around Alaska. At the same time keeping Canada busy on at least two fronts.






























I will occupy European forces in showdown, I can keep 'm busy at the same time bombing the UK and Scandinavia. I keep 'm busy so they cannot aid the US.


I have used/allied myself  (through Iran) with terror cells to attack various targets all over Europe and the US in an effort to create absolute chaos, at the same time I have already prepared and sent specialist groups into Europe to take out leadership of Germany, France and the UK to further chaos.


I also already took control of the Black Sea, in order to anticipate destroying the Turkish/Ukrain/Nato Navy, but while everybody was busy fecking about I made a secret Alliance with Turkey, who will now Attack Greece and Bulgaria at the same time adding support troops to the Syrian/Israel Border. I now control the Bosphorus Strait. This will give me the opportunity to pressure the Med.
















At the same time my forces are engaged in combat with foes in the Middle East as well, either supported by Turkish, Iranian and Jemeni (left over allied rebels) Troops, while Bombing and Invading Saudi Arabia at the same time. I will have brokered a deal with Libian rebels to attack remaining forces in Mali, not to win, but to keep 'm busy. Apparently Africa swings a lot, but I am confident that the hatred amongst Muslim factions towards the "West" is sufficient enough.


If Turkey is not part, it doesn't matter, my bombers and Navy will have laid waist to all coastal areas in both Turkey and Greece, confident the Turks have switched though (makes sense).


At the same time my troops will have entered NK.


I will now include Iran.


Green being China and Yellow being Russia, Blue being Turkey, obviously Red being Iran. (arrows are indications, not actual troop positions)


I will attack SaudArb and Israel, I do not need worry about Pakistan since they are on my side.

At the same time my navy will occupy US navy in the Golf (and so on) with the support of Chinese Navy & Airforce. Am under strict orders from both Russia and China to not fully destroy Israel.


































I will now Include China & Pakistan.
























I have control over the Chinese sea, all the way up (down) to the Philippines.


I'll bomb Japan, US/British Naval units and South Korea and anyone else opposing me in this area, the Philippines are no longer a threat since they are "Neutral".


I also have the Indian Ocean under control, supporting attacks in the Middle East, while taking out Indian navies and coastal strategic areas. I have been preparing this in a very sneaky way, yet for all to see.



















At the same time I invade the North of Inidia with the Help of Pakistan (also attacking Indian/US targets on land and sea). I will in time fully Annex the East of India giving me direct control over support lines towards the Indian Ocean, for now taking it will do, I've been preparing this as well


India - China Butan standoff.


Australia and NZ are completely isolated and cannot move upwards (from East Coast Australia) since they would need to circle around the Philippines (see Chinese Sea Map) for they cannot risk war with Indonesia (entering their waters).


Their "West Coast" fleet will be blitzed/engaged in the case of trying to aid India.


At the same time my troops will have entered NK.


Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.
- Sun Tzu -


I have now taken out the entire Western Coalition and their Allies, remember it has to happen all at the same moment. It took me a very short time to do so, now we can talk peace with the minor States, while the US is in dismay, parts of Europe (who cannot wipe it's own ass to save themselves) will now come under my control/influence, I will also occupy parts of the US and Islands like they did with Germany.


This is how the West was Won. I have made you believe the one thing while preparing for the other.


A few things to keep in mind before passing judgement:


America's Navy Is Spread Too Thin


A top general is worried that that the US military is spread far too thin


Elite troops are being worked too hard and spread too thin, military commander warns




People who have a little knowledge about the past couple of years concerning Russia will know about their bomber flights above Europe and in some cases the US. There's many small details I could include, it's just that if you get the big picture the little things will at time pop in mind. After all, it's just a far fetched worse case scenario.


In other words... (possible) Fubar.


-- the Mad Scientist --


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By the Mad Scientist 10th Jan 2018