So, we ended on the notion of the origin of our Species, well more or less. In any case, this Planet was very likely a very nice and sub-tropical dwelling, a place where the various Species thrived without interference. After all, the creatures were still connected to Source. How?


Well, that's another interesting topic which has been suppressed for  a very long time, there's fragments still there, like a dead phone line one can tap into, but the connection to Source has been disconnected, do not let anyone fool You by letting You believe otherwise.




Inside, right in the (more less) middle of our great cranium is located the Pineal Gland. Now, that gland is supposed to operate as a crystal at the same time reacting to vibration. Together with the Spine, which acts as a copper rod, a connection with Source could be established, if it weren't cut off that is.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN YOU, and whosoever shall KNOW THEMSELVES shall find it!"

(Ancient Egyptian Proverb).

​” The Light of the body is the Eye, therefore, if thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light.”

(Matthew 6:22).

"The Kingdom of God is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me."

 (Gospel of Thomas).


The word Kingdom has no bearing here, but Eternal Realm would. Once one is connected to Source, one is connected to all, for Source is everything. Communicating with Animals and other living things would not be out of reach, the gland is perfectly suited to communicate through pictures. Attached are what People would call feelings/emotions, which in turn strengthens the message of the picture. When the Gland is suppressed, no connection to Source, we will be more Beast like, emotions and urges are harder to control for in the Gland housed Your Life Force, also called Soul. Funny thing is that Catholic Priests still  use this old tradition as described by the teachings, they have no clue however what it truly entails, how could they. If The Eternal Realm is inside all of us and we're all disconnected, then who's on the other side of the line tapping in, who instructs the so called Managers of the Church?


I am not fond of David Wilcock perse, but his research on the Pineal Gland is really good. So click here for a 15 minute presentation on the matter.


There are a couple of points in the head which can be activated with vibration (fully activate the Gland), nowadays they use mainly the chanting, in the Old World they used "machines" to enhance this organs working, recall the remark about the balance with nature, this is how we stay healthy, by enhancing our bodies function through the power of Source's vibration. Obviously one would need to start eating a little different as well.

Many of these Demi Gods are shown with headgear, copper or gold with a red stone in the middle of the forehead (the elongated heads would need the stone to be higher up), mostly accompanied by stones on the side of the head, top and back. Yes, the thing that evolved into a Crown for Royals, the blue bloods. Anyway, the stones used in the crowns, Hindu etc, not originally gemstones, red yes, but not  gemstones.

It wasn't that difficult to spread the various vibrations, water is a great one, as mentioned before, but for short delivery the air works too. Trust is of the essence here, because the wrong frequency can cause loads of trouble (that's why there was a separate language for this, like traffic signs, I'll get back to that). Obelisks would do this trick, also to place hem around a certain object could create enormous power when the right frequency is applied, not always, but one of the applications, meaning that they had various means to get to where they needed to go. In any case, core of any Planet has same setup as the gland, crystals to vibrate.
















So what happened? Well, something did and it wasn't good for the likes of us. Vanity, Jealousy and all that fine stuff entered the minds of many, apparently led by "the One that shall not be named".  A Demi-God who basically  lost the plot, also known as the Universal Architect. Source built the Universe, the Demi Gods landscaped it, sort of speak.


They (the deceived & the deceivers) started to follow Naga Sat An, translated, Touch(es) Dwelling Bread, Bread is well known to be an ancient word for knowledge, so one gets (freely translated):

Touching Forbidden Knowledge


Which destroyed the Harmony, Balance and Equality. Eventually this phrase or indication/designation separated into Naga and Satan to indicate the followers of the doctrine. Satan therefore is not a creature, it is a Doctrine, a very bad one. At the same time the Naga too are the followers of the Deceiver, may it be depicted as Snakes or a Tribe called Naga. Obviously, since being asleep, that same Deceiver is garded by Snakes, pointing to the followers again. For instance, in Hindu Relgion some of the Gods are shown to have Snakes around their necks, like being shoked by their Foe.


There was a war in this Solar System and "we" lost that war.


In between this and the flood (+/- 10.000bc) very bad things happened here, the opposers of the doctrine were experimented on and used as slaves, slaves to mine gold for instance, materialism at is worst was now ruling this Planet.


When you look at Earth, one can still see the effects and devastation this brought with. Gary Schoenung did some extremely magnificent work on this. By clicking on his name you will be taken to his Vimeo Channel.





Tassili N'Ajjer (Algeria). Image Vlad9vt (click for vid).

gallery/tassili nájjer

The weapons that were used were able to melt stone and completely obliterate massive cities and sites. Proof of this lies open all over the World.

Below are 4x1 link to the docu this Man spent 10 years of his life creating. There is no sound and no narration, for a good reason. In any case, some of the sites which are shown are from a later era (post war), but still pre-flood. Yes, 4 freaking hours that needs watching, so if you really, really want to start seeing a certain pattern, well, take a look, at all of it, lol.


For the Diehards:

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV.











In the Pineal Gland section I mentioned that it interacts with vibration, in fact everything does, every single object, being, invisible stuff, it's all vibration, frequencies, sound.  There is simply no escaping it, what does that tell us? It simply tells us that vibration should be the basics of All our technology, so why isn't it? Exactly!

Vibrational application would simply and literally mean living in balance with Nature. If you apply the right vibration a plant would not get sick, but grows stronger, water would stay clean, since water has memory, it's a reasonable conductor for carrying various frequencies, waterways for vibrational transport sort of speak. There would be no limits to what we can accomplish in propulsion technology, there are No Limits. It also Automatically means we can also apply this to our own bodies, the travesty of the whole situation is that we literary carry part of this knowledge as ornaments on our bodies or even houses. Knowledge of the Old World has become decoration and People have become used to certain way of thinking in which everything really interesting quickly becomes the Nutters Butter, it's a damn shame the potential of our Species has been cut down to greedy sex maniacs, well in loads of cases anyway. It just means we're not in balance. These ornaments are actually part of a sub language, like traffic signs if you like. They are not(!) religious symbols either, that's what they've become over time after the knowledge of how things worked got lost and simple applications became Magical folklore and in certain instances were added to Religions. I will not get into this in great detail in the Post Flood section, but mentioned it must be. When you start noticing the similar patterns which keep coming up all around the World, it's not so hard to start understanding this. Many Old World buildings would have been re touched and changed over time, certain things however keep popping up. Acoustic ruins are not a fable and they are not few.




gallery/comp 4999.2345 msbba01

Ancient Temples show remarkable similarities with some of my filter anomalies, these "anomalies were found in the City in the Heavens and What's in(side) a Sun God eh objects. Anomalies on the right are without doubt vibrational/frequencial apparatuses  creating "energetic" processes.

Click here to go to image above.



Vibration (sound frequency) creates application, best seen in the video below. Obviously those People do a simple test, but still fascinating.





























Watch the sound test Red Pyramid here.


For instance, they would have you believe the Royal Kurgan in the Crimea is a 4th Century BC built tomb, I don't think so, it might have become that, but it surely doesn't look like it originated as it now doesn't it?

























In any case, the Applications would have been limitless, including cutting through the hardest types of stone with what seems simplicity. This too is to be found World Wide and nah, not done with some freaking sizzle.







gallery/comp sound language comp i

Below, Hampi Temple India, Up Ancient Ruins Syria (check vid here, left right, sound patterns (vibration) made visible with Cymascope.


Sound (vibration) chamber Red Pyramid (Photo by Guardian, Dahshur).

Royal Kurgan, Crimea. Credit Unknown.

gallery/comp 49997.77867 wsmsa01
gallery/ancient machine cuts


Watch Stone Cutting with sound here.


Ancient use of technology cutting through hardest stone in (now) middle of nowhere.